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GottaBe! Marketing champions inclusivity with multicultural marketing

Shailesh Solanki, Martin Rothwell, Tomasz Dyl and Kalpesh Solanki after Gottabe wins the GG2 Independent Agency of the Year award in 2023.

By: Kimberly Rodrigues

TOMASZ DYL was just 17 when he founded GottaBe! Marketing Agency. His vision was clear from the outset; to create a bridge between brands and ethnic minorities, fostering a marketing model that is inclusive and accessible to all.

Since its inception as a PR agency focused on the Polish community, GottaBe! evolved under Dyl’s stewardship as managing director into a full-service agency that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers.

“Being a Polish national living in a foreign country, I found that there is a similarity between me and plenty of others. And there is appetite from brands wanting to reach out to the Polish community. And I wanted to help brands to be able to do that,” Dyl told Eastern Eye.

GottaBe! caters to a diverse spectrum of ethnicities, including Asians, Eastern Europeans, and South Americans, among others. Its roster of clients includes Western Union, O2, Easjyet, Shelter, and Lebara.

GottaBe! has worked across industries such as FMCG, technology, finance, telecoms, and pharmaceuticals, among others.

“What makes us the most unique is that we have our own field team that is able to speak in 45 different languages,” said Dyl, 32, highlighting the marketing agency’s unique selling proposition.

“We help brands to discover new audiences and help them to connect the two dots together,” he added.

At the GG2 Leadership and Diversity Awards in 2023, GottaBe! Marketing won the Independent Agency of the Year.

GottaBe!’s success is built on its ability to connect brands with new audiences through a multifaceted approach that includes online and offline strategies, from social media to face-to-face interactions, Dyl said.

He added that he promotes a culture of diversity, inclusivity, and innovation within his team. “The essence of multicultural marketing lies not only in the strategy, but also in the people who bring those strategies to life,” he said.

He added, “We embrace different cultures and traditions and have a culture of learning about different festivals, community celebrations, and we welcome colleagues from all over the world to come and share those with us and equally work with our team; learn about what we need to do and how we can get them better prepared for the work that we deliver for the clients, and ultimately the work that our clients expect us to deliver.”

GottaBe! offers its staff training programmes and hosts regular discussions on equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Dyl said it is important to lead by example and through collaboration.

In the face of the marketing industry’s hurdles, such as slashed budgets due to economic strains and a competitive environment marked by fewer project briefs, Gottabe! has maintained a focus on selecting projects that not only align with their expertise but also ensure the team remains engaged and productive.

Recognition, such as winning the GG2 Leadership and Diversity Award, reflects the agency’s quality of work and its competitive edge.

Dyl said, “Winning awards is extremely important… a testament to the team”. At present his team is 12-member strong.

Dyl is aware of the hurdles that lie ahead, particularly the need to educate and train new talent in the nuances of multicultural marketing and to demonstrate the tangible value of both digital and traditional marketing strategies to clients.

Born into a family with a strong work ethic, where the mantra “work hard, get rewarded” was ingrained from an early age, Dyl’s journey is a testament to the power of perseverance, innovation, and the ability to adapt.

When Dyl arrived in the UK aged 13 from his native Poland, he did not speak English. He attended secondary school, college, and graduated from Solent University in Southampton, with a degree in marketing with advertising management, laying the groundwork for his professional aspirations.

Despite the 24/7 nature of entrepreneurship, Dyl stressed the importance of setting boundaries to enjoy life beyond work.

Balancing the demanding world of business with personal life and self-care is important for Dyl.

Engaging in hobbies such as reading, listening to podcasts, playing squash and spending quality time with friends and family are crucial for recharging, he said.

Travel, too, plays a significant role, serving not just as a means of relaxation but as an opportunity for learning and inspiration.

From bustling markets in Mumbai in India to serene beaches in Goa and the techlnological innovations of Europe, each destnation offers fresh perspectives that fuel creative thinking and strategic insights for GottaBe! His role models include Richard Branson and the late Steve Jobs.

In 2022, Dyl furthered his education at the University of Oxford, participating in the prestigious Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses programme, a bridge between academic theory and practical entrepreneurship.

Dyl said that at the time he stepped back from the business, entrusting the team with the day-to-day operations. This break allowed him to focus on personal growth and learning, as he aspired to become a more effective entrepreneur.

When he returned, Dyl implemented new strategies and improvements in the business, inspired by Jobs’ experience.

The late founder of Apple, after he was ousted from the company he founded, took time away to reflect before returning with renewed vigour to reclaim the company, Dyl said.

He sees a parallel in his own experience, emphasising the value of taking time to develop oneself and then applying those lessons to enhance business operations and client relationships.

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