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A gym workout with weightlifter mummy

By: Asjad Nazir

AN elderly Asian woman is inspiring those who have abandoned their fitness aspirations by joining younger individuals in the gym.

Roshni Devi found renewed vitality in 2023 with the help of her devoted son, Ajay Sangwan, who trains her in the gym. From challenging planks to lifting heavy weights, she tackles it all.

Fondly dubbed “Weight Lifter Mummy,” the remarkable 69-year-old is amassing a social media following, motivating individuals of all ages to prioritise their health.

Eastern Eye caught up with this resilient senior citizen from New Delhi to delve into her exceptional fitness journey and glean top motivation tips.

What initially inspired you to get into the gym?

My son encouraged me to go to the gym because I was suffering from arthritis of the knee. I wasn’t sure about it, at first, because I had never done it before. But I am glad I followed his advice.

What has it been like training in the gym?

It has really helped me a lot, building everything from my confidence to my strength. Initially, I felt shy about being in the gym and hesitated a lot. But now, I’m enjoying my workouts and am happy that they are inspiring others too.

Did you initially expect to become so fit when you started working out?

No, not at all. I never thought that it would make me fit or strong when I first started training. I was really nervous about lifting heavy weights, but my son has really helped me and I feel great.

Tell us about your training.

I have a workout plan suitable for me, created by my son, who is always there to supervise. I do deadlifts four times a week, squats twice a week, along with other weight training and some cardiobased exercises.

How do you feel about the attention you are getting online for your weightlifting ability?

I feel so happy and motivated when people encourage my hard work. But what is truly inspiring is that they themselves are motivated after watching the viral videos of me training. I am glad to be able to prove that anything is possible with hard work.

Roshni Devi lifting weights with her son’s assistance

You have said that training in the gym has not only helped you physically, but also boosted your confidence.

It is only because of weight training in the gym that my strength has increased. As a result, my bone density has also increased and, because of this, I’m able to do my daily household work very easily. I have much more energy now than I did before. Yes, now my confidence has also gone up. I now feel that age is just a number and hope others who see me feel the same.

What is it like to be personally trained by your son in the gym?

It is only because of my son, who knows so much about fitness and also how much I will be able to push myself in the gym, that I can do this. He always encourages me to lift more.

How do you motivate yourself on days you don’t feel like training?

There is a strong community in the gym. Whenever I miss the gym, the very next day, many people ask me the reason why I missed a session. They say, ‘Aunty ji, you did not come yesterday and we missed you a lot’. That motivates me and I, in turn, will encourage youngsters in our gym. This really pushes me to train every day without fail. All the kind words on social media also help.

Do you want to see more elderly people in the gym?

Yes and that’s why I always request in every video I make that elders take care of their health. I feel that weight training under proper guidance, like I am doing under the supervision of my son, is a must for everyone, especially elders.

What do your other elderly friends generally think about you going to the gym?

Initially, they were all surprised with my training and asked how I’m able to lift such heavy weights.

Devi doing squats

What advice would you give to women who are nervous about training in the gym?

It’s natural to be apprehensive about going to the gym. I, too, was reluctant initially. Women who hesitate and are nervous must think about their longterm health. Weight training not only builds confidence, but also helps increase bone density, which generally decreases with age. So, this is a great solution. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain by trying.

What is the top fitness tip you would give?

Please do some weight training, but also focus on nutrition. Eating proper nutrients will help you get better results. Women lose bone mass quicker than men as they age. They can counter this by combining the right training programme with healthy eating, which will make them stronger and fitter in a more comfortable manner.

What inspires you?

The fact that so many people have started thinking about the fitness of elderly people really inspires me a lot.

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